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Dianna Muller


Dianna Muller is a two-time national 3-gun champion. She is a 22-year veteran of the Tulsa Police Department serving assignments in Narcotics, Gangs, Street Crimes, and Patrol. She is a CLEET law enforcement firearms instructor, has served as a member of the NRA Law Enforcement committee, and a subcommittee member of the Department of Interior Hunting and Shooting Sports Conservation Council.

Dianna has co-hosted the "Shooting Gallery" with Michael Bane on Outdoor Channel as well as a participant in "The Big Gun" Season One.

Dianna founded The DC Project-Women for Gun Rights where she leads an army of women safeguarding the 2nd Amendment.


Ryan Muller


Ryan Muller is a full-time hunter and competitive shooter…the outdoors is not only what he does, but it is his way of life. An engineer by profession, Ryan is a lifetime member of the NRA, certified firearms instructor, and has competed on the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series circuit. Ryan routinely travels to over 30 events each year across the US. While most of his hunting expeditions are based around the Midwest he has experienced the hunting culture in New Zealand and Africa as well and can apply certain hunting mentalities to the U.S. based on those international experiences. Ryan has been featured on National TV shows such as ‘Shooting Gallery’, ‘Realtree’, The Sportsman’s Channel, Shooting USA, ‘MOJO Outdoors’, ‘The American Marksman’, and ‘The Big Gun: Season 2’.