Training for the Brand Ambassador

When we go to a match, we have many hats to wear when it comes to being good sponsored shooters.  Not only are we trying to shoot a good match, but we're trying to capture video, post on social media, and be good brand ambassadors.

March 30-April 3, 2019 Orlando, FL

NEW! The first of its kind! This training event will teach you the skills you need to effectively represent your brands.

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Class size is limited so secure your spot today.


Skills for professional on-camera interviews, podcasts and radio, and 2A crisis communication.

Social media

Strategies, how-tos, and analytics so you can report back to your brands on your social footprint.


Marksmanship skills for 3-gun competition and concealed carry, including force-on-force training.

Join Us

Class size is limited so secure your spot today.

Topics include: social media, strategy and analytics; on-camera interviews; 2nd Amendment crisis communication and being a positive influencer; shooting skills for 3-gun competition and concealed carry; and mental management. Participants will also receive professional headshots/action shots and possibly video. At the Ambassador Academy, you will learn:


wanted and needed, but never existed -- until now

Learn the skills you need to be the brand ambassador that you want to be! You will be able to engage people and influence in a positive manner for the 2nd Amendment community.

By the end of the event you will be able to apply all the skills to hit your marketing and shooting goals. You'll be not only representing yourself better, but you'll be representing your sponsors better.